Jack Sock: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Jack Sock

If you’re like 99 percent of America, you haven’t heard of 19-year-old Jack Sock, but you will. Jack is touted to be the next mega-star in the tennis world. Although he is ranked No. 243 in the world, Jack caused waves yesterday when he upset 22nd-ranked German Florian Mayer at the U.S. Open. The odds are still against him, but one thing is for sure, another few wins like that and Sock could be one of the bigger names in tennis.

Want the major deets on tennis’ newest golden boy? Allow me to SOCK it to ya!

1. He Has Already Seen a Ton of Success

Jack Sock US Open

For a 19-year-old, Sock has made quite a name for himself in the tennis community. Jack won his first major tournament at the age of 16 at the Pan American Championships and then went on to be the first American to win the Junior U.S. Open since Andy Roddick did in 2000. Sock added to his trophy case in 2010 and 2011 when he won the Boys Junior National Tennis Championship in back-to-back years. Sock’s biggest tournament win to date came last year when he and Melanie Oudin won the mixed doubles championship at the U.S. Open.

2. His Doubles Partner is Hot

Jack Sock Melanie Oudin

His mixed doubles partner is Melanie Oudin. Yum. Imagine gettin’ up to hit around a few balls with this hottie every day. Also, imagine getting to play tennis with her. (HEY-YO!)

3. He Never Lost A High School Match

Jack Sock

These stats sound like something out of an epic tennis novel (LOTR meets Roger Federer?), but here we go. Jack “The Tube” Sock went a perfect 80-0 during high school play and captured four consecutive championships in the 6A division. What’s more is that Jack opted to stay in a regular high school instead of a high-class tennis academy despite his standing as a tennis prodigy. This meant that although Jack was winning major national tournaments he still had the life of a regular high schooler. “I had to go to school the next day after winning [the US Open]” said Sock, “so that got me back to reality.”

4. He’s the Most American Person Ever

Ron Swanson Jack Sock

I’m convinced that aside from Abe Lincoln, Johnny Unitas and Ron Swanson, Jack Sock is the most American person of all time. His name? Jack Sock (America!). Where is he from? Nebraska (America!). He looks like one of the Children Of the Corn (America!). Jack Sock is what happens when tennis makes sweet sweet love to an Eagle holding a subscription to Sports Illustrated.

5. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic have DOMINATED The Recent History of Tennis
This is one scary fact that Sock has to fight against. The Lawfirm of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have won 29 of the last 30 major slams dating back to 2005. That was not a typo. How tough is that? If Sock were the U.S Olympic hockey team, he would have to fight three U.S.S.R. teams for the gold.

6. His Favorite Show is Suits

Jack’s favorite show is Suits. Take a guess what channel Suits is on. That’s right! It’s on, U.S.A.! (AMERICA!)

7. He Has a Girlfriend

Lauren Sieckmann Jack Sock
Sorry ladies, Jack’s got a girlfriend. Jack has been dating Nebraska volleyball player Lauren Sieckmann. The two are adorable (read: puketastic) on Twitter.
Lauren Sieckmann Jack Sock

8. He Trains in Las Vegas

Andre Agassi Jack Sock

Being a 19-year-old in Las Vegas is like being Jewish in a house full of bacon, but that is exactly what Jack has been doing. Sock currently trains at the Adidas player development program in Las Vegas where he works with tennis great, Andre Agassi. He also wears shirts with his own name on it. (America!)

9. If He Becomes Famous the Internet is Gonna Get Punny
Tennis’ Rising Sock Market”, “Sock it to Me” and “Sock and Awe.”
If Sock becomes a star, it will cause a pun-pocalypse across all major media outlets.

10. He Isn’t Going to College

Jack Sock US Open

In July, Sock decided to forgo his first college season at Nebraska University. There is some chance that Sock ends up getting a college degree, but let’s be honest, if it comes between Scantron sheets and winning Wimbledon, I doubt he is going to grab his No. 2 pencils and head to Micro-Econ 101.

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