Jailed Drug-Dealing NJ Mayoral Candidate: ‘This is not a bad day for my candidacy.’

Ever wonder how it is that the little guys in electoral races gather funds to pay for their campaigns to combat their bigger budgeted opponents? Well, here’s one way—unload 50 grams of pot for profit.

Stafford, NJ mayoral candidate Thomas J. Litwin was arrested and charged last week with attempting to sell marijuana to an undercover officer; he was found to be in possession of more than 50 grams of the stuff.

Litwin, is one of just two front-runners challenging the seat occupied by incumbent mayor John Spodofora. An Independent party runner, Litwin’s campaign slogan was “Litwin rocks Manahawking,” which would have been a lot funnier if Litwin was selling crack.

The undercover sting was carried out by the township’s DEA unit along with the Detective and Patrol divisions of the force. The arrest came at Litwin’s Beach Haven West home, along with three other suspects who were renting rooms in the home and had outstanding warrants—but they were processed and later released. Only Litwin remains in custody.

We Are Stafford, an Independent Party sect in Stafford, put the following message on their facebook page.

We would like to clarify that the Independent mayor candidate, Tom Litwin, who was just arrested in Stafford for drug related charges was not in any way affiliated with We Are Stafford. He was running for Stafford mayor under his own campaign slogan “Litwin Rocks Manahawkin”.

Litwin has until September 7th to withdraw his name from the race, but if he shouldn’t, a move to the Green Party might help with his chances.

Also, just to get a picture of the balls on this guy, The Barnegat-Manahawkin Patch reported that as Litwin was arrested, he could be heard saying, “this is not a bad day for my candidacy.”

Litwin is currently in an Ocean County jail in Toms River, NJ, held on $50,000 bail.