James Holmes’ Shrink Warned Police Before Dark Knight Massacre

Dr. Lynne Fenton James Holmes Psychiatrist Shrink

Dr. Lynne Fenton.

ABC reports that the psychiatrist of Dark Knight Rises Massacre shooter James Holmes warned University of Colorado police of the danger he posed weeks before the theater shooting that killed 12 people in Aurora.

If this sounds like old news, that’s because ABC’s “exclusive” is very similar to a recent report by the Denver Post describing how Holmes’ shrink warned the campus Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team”.

But ABC reports specifically that Dr. Lynne Fenton spoke to campus cops. Then again, it also reports that those cops are often involved in meetings of the threat assessment team. So how different is this from the Post’s report? In any case, it’s another glaring indication that warning signs were ignored by several officials — signs that in hindsight may have prevented a senseless slaughter.

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