LL Cool J Breaks Burglar’s Nose and Jaw

A would-be burglar and obvious dumbass, found out the hard way what LL Cool J means by “Mama Said Knock You Out” after he attempted to rob the star’s home Wednesday.


Jonathan Kirby, 56, attempted to break into the rapper’s home Wednesday morning around 1 am, but ended up with a broken jaw, nose, and cracked ribs after LL ruffed him up.

LL then detained Kirby and forced him to listen to his 1995 “Mr. Smith” album in full until the police arrived. Okay, maybe we made that last part up, but the perp was detained by LL and now faces a possible lengthy prison sentence.

Arraignment for the cat-burglar hasn’t been set yet because he’s still in the hospital recuperating from LL’s whoop-ass session, but prosecutors are charging him with burglary as a “third-striker”. If convicted he could get 38 years in the big house.

The lesson to be learned here, don’t mess with a guy who plays a Navy SEAL on NCIS: Los Angeles and battled great whites in Deep Blue Sea.


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