Man Sues Cops For Yanking Out Mom’s Dildos


Dwight Anderson has had a worse day than you. Anderson is a 22-year-old man from the Bronx whose apartment was raided by police in search of a gun. They had found a gun on another floor of his building and got a warrant to search his home. When they didn’t find a gun, the police did what police do when things don’t go their way, they arrested him anyway.

They didn’t just arrest him. They arrested his mother as well. They were taken into custody at gunpoint and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. They were held overnight and released the next day.

The thing is, while they were under arrest, the police were still ransacking his apartment. The suit claims his TV, Playstation, iPod, and clothes were damaged by the rummaging police. Oh, and one more thing. The police apparently took out his mom’s dildos and displayed them around the apartment, including leaving one in his bed. Now Mr. Anderson is suing the police.

Okay, first of all, gross. Second of all, way to add insult to injury, NYPD (maybe instead of playing with mom’s dildos you should be working on your aim). Third, and perhaps most importantly, how many dildos does Ms. Anderson have?

It just seems very clear from that fact that they could be displayed throughout the house and still have one left over for her son’s bed that she had quite the blossoming dildo collection. But how many are we talking about here? It could be anywhere from about three or four to infinity. The entire apartment could be filled with dildos for all we know. Are they different sizes and shapes? Different colors? Have any special abilities? I think it will affect how much Mr. Anderson is entitled to in his suit.

Mom is also suing the police in a separate suit.

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