Mentos Demands Singaporean Sex With Insane Rap Video Advertisement

Apparently Mentos has decided to trade in its old slogan of “Mentos: The Freshmaker” for “Mentos: The Babymaker.” Well, at least in Singapore. Mentos recently released the above insane advertisement in Singapore, a rap video introducing a patriotic holiday which encourages Singaporeans to have sex and make a baby. It flat out says it again and again.

To be fair, Singapore does have something of a population crisis on its hands. The birth rate has been declining for years and its population is aging rapidly. Furthermore, a solution doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon since such large swaths of its 30-something denizens are single.

So, for some godforsaken reason, Mentos has stepped in with a solution: a national night of boning. I tend not to be the most rah rah patriotic type of guy, but this sounds like the type of patriotism I can really get behind … literally. But we may need to come up with a new name for it. Sextriotism?

It’s called Mentos National Night. A call to arms (or groins, rather) for the people of Singapore. All we Americans get on our national holidays are parades and alcohol poisoning.

This would have to be the best holiday ever wouldn’t it? Can companies just declare holidays now? If so, I’m desperately waiting on Wet Nap’s National Facebabies Day.

Anyway, it’s called for August 9, which is just two days away, so unless you already have a partner you should probably avoid Singapore because the whole country is going to look like this:

Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion

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