Miley Cyrus Goes Full Britney Spears With Whackjob Hackjob Haircut

Just when you think Miley Cyrus might be growing out of her whackjob stage she’s goes all Britney Spears on your ass and hacks off her hair like a beaver chewing down a tree.

Actually, she had hairstylist Chris McMillan do the deed. He tweeted this before pic (below). Miley tweeted the after pic (above).

We’ve previously drawn parallels between Miley and Britney — both mere children when their pop music careers blew up and both prone to outrageous, exhibitionist, and unruly behavior. Britney got a lot worse before she got better. Miley’s engaged to be married but she’s hardly settling down. Does this haircut signal Miley’s Full Britney Meltdown?

To be fair, Miley looks better than Britney did at that unfortunate stage. But anyway, her flurry of I-love-my-new hair tweets included this curious tidbit:

She’s paraphrasing from West Side Story lyrics with the pretty-and-gay bit. But could the gay reference have a deeper intention? She tweets that the butch haircut makes her feel for the first time like the real Miley:

Miley’s a strong advocate of gay rights but is engaged to a man, Liam Hemsworth. However, she’s still got a lot of Britney’s life left to live and we’re looking forward to some Madonna moments:

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