If You’re Not on Facebook, You’re an Unemployed Psychopath

Normal people have Facebook accounts. Everyone else is a freaking weirdo — if not a psycho killer — and you should stay away from them. Especially don’t hire them.

That’s the theme of recent articles to which the Daily Mail draws attention — advising wariness around anyone who hasn’t succumbed to the vortex of social media:

Der Taggspiegel notes that both Dark Knight Rises Massacre shooter James Holmes and his Norwegian counterpart Anders Behring Breivik shunned Facebook. Forbes says employers steer around candidates who lack profiles, considering them “suspicious.” And Slate warned singles to avoid dating anyone without a profile — how do you know they are who they say they are?

Daily Mail sums up the general sentiment:

And this is what the argument boils down to: It’s the suspicion that not being on Facebook, which has become so normal among young adults, is a sign that you’re abnormal and dysfunctional, or even dangerous, ways.

What do you think?

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