Oregon Bike Thief Gets Busted Hard by Bike’s Owner

Imagine trekking from one state to the other in search of your stolen bike, confronting the theif with his girlfriend in tow, having your friends arrest that thief until the police arrived, and taping the entire incident on video. That’s exactly what Portland resident, Jake Gillum, did when he discovered his Fuji bicycle was stolen while on a date. Gillum tracked down the $2.500 Fuji Road bike on Craiglist and discovered that it was for sale in Seattle.

We got your face on camera, asshole, you are f*cked!”

Persistent and determined, Gillum traveled to the emerald city, posing as a potential buyer named Simon, knowing very well he would retrieve it with the assistance of his friends. Gillum met the dirt bag, Craig Eric Ackerman two days after the theft 160 miles from his home at a shopping center near Lake Washington. When Gillum intially made the confrontation, the man denied it, assuring Gillum that he himself found it on Craigslist and decided to re-sell. Things quickly turned ugly and the thief started to run with Gillum hot on his trail.

This is why you don’t steal from bicyclists.”

Shouted Gillum as he trailed the thief who was trying to walk away when the police arrived on the scene, unbeknowst that his camera was actually videoptaping everything. The eight minute long video taped makes for a compelling and entertaining showdown. These men were on a mission: retrieve Gillum’s bike and bust the asshole who stole it.

“Take my bike, and I am fanatical about it. It’s my favorite thing in the world.”

Let this be a lesson to potential bike thieves, don’t screw with Portland.

See the Craigslist ad here.

jake gillum's bike

Via Fox News

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