Pissed Pothead Farmer Crushes 7 Cop Cars with Tractor

A Vermont farmer recently busted for pot possession got his revenge on Thursday by pancaking seven police vehicles with a ginormous 15-ton tractor.

The Bigfoot-style car crush took Orleans County sheriff’s officers completely by surprise. When they stepped out of the station to witness some $250,000 in damage, they had no transportation to chase the suspect.

“It’s pretty much the biggest tractor you can get,” Newport City (Vt.) Police Chief Seth DiSanto told the Burlington Free Press. The monster machine sits on four 6-foot tires on the back and four more slightly smaller tires up front.

Cops later apprehended Roger Pion, 34, who is in jail on a slew of charges related to the cartoonish stunt. To make matters worse, the tractor belonged to his mom and dad, Armand and Linda Pion. There was no word on whether he’ll be grounded when he gets out of the clink.

Pion had been arrested on July 3, charged with resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. But he was arrested by Newport City cops, and not the sheriff’s department that owns all seven destroyed vehicles. He either didn’t make the distinction or didn’t care.

A sheriff’s officer told the Free Press that cops were oblivious to the cruiser carnage until they got a 911 call and simultaneously heard a car horn — honked by a crumpled roof crunching into a cruiser’s steering column:

Brooks said he ran to a nearby service station where another cruiser was being worked on and jumped in to pursue the tractor, but soon learned that Newport City police had stopped the tractor about two miles away.

HoodNews posted this raw footage of the aftermath (still image via Northland Journal):

We don’t have a video of the Vermont incident as it took place, but it probably looked something like this: