Six-Year-Old Had LEGO Piece Up His Nose for Three Years

Six-year-old with Lego piece up his nose

Isaak Lasson is a six-year-old boy from Utah. There’s nothing truly spectacular about him. He’s been having terrible sinus problems for some time now. He has problems breathing, especially trying to sleep at night. His parents have taken him to a variety of doctors that all just prescribe him antibiotics that never seem to work at all. Well, until the end of July when they took him to a new doctor who found a LEGO piece up his nose.

Lasson’s parents took him to the new doctor he asked if he ever put anything up his nose. The young boy answered some spaghetti, but that wasn’t what the doctor found. The doctor found a flexible wheel shaped Lego piece covered in fungus.

The parents figured out that he must have put it up there three years ago since that’s when his sinus problems first started.

The parents seem at a loss for words for the whole thing. The father trying to express what happened sputtered:

It’s just one of those weird things. Isaak thinks it’s pretty cool. I didn’t even know… this is weird.

It certainly is weird. Maybe they can get some sort of endorsement deal from LEGO.

Here’s the offending LEGO piece:

Lego covered in fungus

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