Strung-Out Birds Get Laid More Often, Score More Chicks

Male birds who sleep the least have the most sex and sire the most baby birds, according to a study published in Science.

German and Swiss researchers studied pectoral sandpipers as the birds mated and nested in Alaska during summer months when there was round-the-clock daylight. The scientists strapped transmitters to male pipers and found that while some stayed busy — getting busy — other sorry saps went to bed and missed out on getting some piper tail.

Then the scientists stole all the eggs, hatched them in incubators and performed paternity tests on the baby birds before giving the chicks back to their moms. DNA data proved that those sleep-deprived players made the most babies.

While research has show that sleep deprivation reduces performance of most species — there is apparently an exception to the rule when it comes to birds screwing.

h/t: BBC

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