The Anti-Hipster Movement: There’s an App for That

It’s all the rage these days. Taking amateurish photos and color-f**king the hell out of them to give them a rustic, vintage feel like one of those dilapidated pics you dug out of Gramma’s lead chest in the attic that showed her and Paw Paw nibbling each other’s black and white tidbits during their physical heyday.

Why are Instagram’s photo editing features so damn popular? Because none of us paid any attention to that hippie-dippie photography professor when he taught us rules of thirds and the properties of visual aesthetics. So, we need as many color filters and shit as possible. How else can we make that pic of your aunt’s casserole look less disgusting?

Well, for those of you out there that have had enough of the Instagram photo filtering craze and all the doctored photos of poorly framed images that have come along with it, a new app called Normalize is hitting the app market, and for just $1, you can take that pretentious street-art pic you mangled, and return it to its previous color status, you know, the way the artist envisioned it originally.

Is this app something that will catch on with those looking to un-hipster their photos? Probably not if you, like me, save an unedited version of the original pic. And yes, from that previous statement you can guess that I too have fed into the photo-filtering craze. I have to. My penis only looks good with the sepia filter on.

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