Umpire Ejects Music Guy for Playing ‘Three Blind Mice’

What would Kenny Powers say about this one?

The real-life absurdity of Florida Minor League baseball was in full force yesterday when an umpire ejected the stadium music deejay for mocking his call by playing the tune “Three Blind Mice.”

Home plate umpire Mario Seneca tossed Derek Dye, an intern for the Daytona Cubs, when the aspiring music man made the audio joke during a game with the Fort Myers Miracle, reports Yardbarker:

The play in question came when Cubs first baseman Taylor Davis scooped a ball out of the dirt, and it came out of his glove when he was going to throw it around the diamond after the play. But umpire Ramon Hernandez ruled batter Andy Leer safe, claiming that Davis had actually bobbled the ball. This led to an argument between Hernandez and Daytona manager Brian Harper, and after Harper left the field, Dye played the song, and Seneca booted him from the game, along with the PA announcer for the Cubs.

Dye joked about the incident on Twitter: