Urologist Pee-ked Up Subway Girls’ Skirts with Pen Camera: Cops

A respected doctor and assistant professor at Mount Sinai Hospital is charged with using an elaborate upskirt technique to perv on New York Subway hotties — clipping a pen camera to a newspaper and lowering it into position to make his unauthorized examinations.

Urologist Adam Levinson’s alleged sick scheme only came to an end when a construction worker (who is also a minister) caught him in the act, reports the Daily News.

He has a paper in his hand. But what’s mysterious about it, there’s a pen attached to the paper. . . . He has it down in a very unsuspicious way. But every time the woman would move, he would move.”

After the doc was busted, detectives had the difficult job of analyzing his upskirt videos. They reportedly found more than one victim.

Now that this genius has developed the ultimate upskirt scheme, there will surely be copycats. So keep your eyes peeled and your knees together.

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