US Olympic Judo Fighter Accidentally Eats Weed-Laced Baked Goods

Nick Delpopolo

US Olympic judo fighter Nick Delpopolo has been thrown out of the Olympics after failing a drug test. No, he was wasn’t taking steroids. He tested positive for marijuana. Delpopolo claims some baked good he ate before the Olympics were laced with weed that he didn’t know about.

This isn’t the first time a 23-year-old has tried to use the excuse “I totally didn’t know there was pot in those brownies” to try to get out of trouble. Then again that line is usually directed at mom, not the International Olympic Committee.

After Delpopolo finished seventh in his event, the IOC expelled him from the games, stripped him of his accreditation, and will change the standings in his event.

There really wasn’t much chance of that excuse working. I mean, it doesn’t even work on mom and she loves you.

Still the punishment seems a little harsh. It’s not like he took a performance enhancing drug. Weed does not make you better at Judo. If anything, it’s a performance debilitating drug. Besides, how does Delpopolo get all that punishment and this dude still gets to race?

Michael Phelps Weed

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