Yes, Michael Phelps, You’re Just Like Michael Jordan: A Douche

Check Out the Body on Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend

It would take one cocky bastard to compare himself to Michael Jordan. It would have to be someone with an ego the size of … Michael Jordan’s.

Kind of a circular argument here, but American swimming demigod Michael Phelps partially proved his own point when he compared himself to fellow living legend and a**hole NBA icon Michael Jordan. Business Insider noted this quote from Phelps’ interview with Bob Costas:

“…somebody I have always looked up to in my sporting career is Michael Jordan, and he became the greatest basketball player of all time. And I’m able to look back on my career, and I am able to say that…I think that is a pretty cool part of my career.”

Yes, it is, Michael. It’s the part of your career where you go from achieving great things to talking to everyone about how you were the awesomest thing that ever happened to your sport. However legitimate that sentiment is, it still makes you a colossal douche. Maybe you should start working on a jerkoff Hall of Fame speech to rival the other Michael’s gem.

Check Out the Body on Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend

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