Mind-Blowing Proof You’ve Been Eating Ketchup Wrong Your Whole Life

Ketchup Cup Wrong


Everyone is familiar with the ketchup cups, as seen above, that you get at fast food joints everywhere. We’ve all used them, struggled with them, fought with them, and also, apparently, misused them. This is going to blow your mind.

The ketchup cups are a staple of fast food dining, but they’ve always seemed poorly designed. You could dip a small item like a fry easily, but a larger item like a nugget has no shot of fitting in there and you had to settle for coming in at an awkward angle to get only a tiny bit of ketchup on the tip of the nugget. Completely unacceptable.

Except the problem wasn’t with the ketchup cup, it was with you the whole time. You’ve been using it wrong. Here’s how it’s supposed to work. Behold:

Ketchup Cup Fanning

Mind. Blown.

Ever wonder why those ketchup cups have those folds? Boom. That’s why. It can fan out and open up for all your dipping needs.

It’s time like this I regret all that money spent on a college education. I clearly know nothing about the world. I must go out into the desert to toil and meditate.

Apparently we’ve been eating Tic Tacs wrong this whole time too. I .. what? .. how?! … I just … I give up.

(h/t foodbeast)

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