15 Percent of Ohio Republicans Think Mitt Romney Killed Osama bin Laden

Mitt Romney Killed Osama bin Laden

Who is responsible for the killing of Osama bin Laden? President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Seems like a pretty simple question, but apparently not if you’re an Ohio Republican. According to a new poll by Public Policy Polling (see the full poll results below), 15 percent of Ohio Republicans believe that Mitt Romney deserves credit for killing Osama bin Laden.

The poll, which also found a five-point lead for President Obama in Ohio, asked participants who they thought deserved more credit for the death of Osama bin Laden Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Throughout all of Ohio the results were 63 percent for Obama, 31 percent for not sure, and 6 percent for Romney. When you look at the numbers exclusively for the GOP the results are 38 percent for Obama, 47 percent for not sure, and 15 percent for Romney.

Maybe these folks need to have a talk with Matt Bissonnette. Or maybe they could read his book “No Easy Day” or just watch him on 60 minutes.

How exactly do they give Mitt Romney credit? I understand not wanting to give the president credit, but how do they think Mitt Romney was involved? Do they think he went on the raid? Do they think Seal Team 6 called him first to make sure it was okay? “Gee, we have this order from the president to raid this compound, but we should really check with the former governor of Massachusetts first. He’ll know what to do!”

More likely it’s just typical partisan blindness to reality. People always want their side to be responsible for everything good and for everything they are responsible for to be good, so they just believe it. Facts be damned. This is why Republicans tend to believe that Obama is responsible for TARP instead of Bush and Democrats tend to believe that Bill Clinton’s policies are completely responsible for the 1990s economy.

Oh well, at least I know none of the people who give Mitt Romney credit for killing Osama bin Laden are black.

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