58% of Americans Think Obama Could Kick Romney’s Ass

Obama Kicks Romney's Ass

According to a new poll by Esquire/Yahoo 58 percent of Americans believe Obama would beat Romney in a fistfight. You know, this system might be better than this whole “democracy” fad we’ve been clinging to for so many years. It was only a matter of time before we found a better way to select our readers. Thank you, Esquire/Yahoo, for figuring it out.

[poll id=”29″]The poll asked people who would win in a fistfight, President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. The results were 58 percent for Obama, 22 percent for Romney, and 20 percent for No Opinion. I don’t know who this No Opinion guy is, but apparently his right hook is just slightly worse than Romney’s.

Obama seems like a reasonable choice. He’s 14 years younger than Romney and he certainly seems more athletic than the former Massachusetts Governor. We’ve been witness to enough of his dance move and basketball skills to see he clearly has more fluid movement. Plus I don’t think Romney’s ever fought anyone who could actually fight back. Obama’s one weakness is he’s a bit lean, so Romney may have some pounds and muscle on him.

Still, this is the sort of thing we should really be talking about. Libya? What’s that? Pretend Presidential Pugilism? Now, you’re talking my language.

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