Accused Murderer and Actor Johnny Lewis: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Chilling details are emerging about Johnny Lewis, who police say killed his landlady and her cat before falling to his death from a roof.

A probation report was issued last spring saying the troubled Sons of Anarchy actor had mental health problems, drug issues and was a safety threat — but his lawyer says he didn’t think his unstable client was a problem for anyone.

“What is known in May about Johnny was that he had two fairly minor offenses — which were, fortunately, not serious,” attorney Jonathan Mantel told CNN Friday. “And he did have a diagnosis, eventually, of chemically induced psychosis.”

And an alternative sentencing specialist Wendy Feldman, who worked with Lewis after his run-in with the law, told EOnline Friday Lewis had either “psychopathy or bipolar disorder…something that needed a psychiatrist rather than a therapist.”

All information we’re thinking his landlady, Katherine Davis, 81, would have liked to have known before she rented to him. And here’s some more odd facts about her and Lewis, whose most famous role, unfortunately, is the one that ended up in his death and that of an elderly woman.

1. He Was Arrested Twice in February on Burglary and Battery Charges

Johnny Lewis, murder, Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood, TV star, landlady murder

Mandel says the incidents were minor and they didn’t make him think Lewis would be involved in a killing or taking drugs.

“From April until August or September, he was probably using no drugs at all. He was incarcerated for a couple of months and then he went to a treatment facility.”

2. Lewis Often Appeared Delusional

Johnny Lewis, murder, Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood, TV star, landlady murder

Mandel admits that he thinks his client “had severe mental problems.” Police think he was on drugs of some kind, too, but they’re waiting for the results of an autopsy, which will take about a month. Friday, they said his actions seemed as if he was on some kind of designer synthentic drugs, like “smiles,” which can cause violent episodes.

3. Nobody Seems Very Surprised

Lewis sounds like he was a time bomb, waiting to explode. From his May 17 report:

“(He) suffers from some form of chemical dependency, mental health issue and a lack of permanent housing. Given this, (Lewis) will continue to be a threat to any community he may reside.”

4. Davis Often Rented to Movie People

A neighbor said writers and actors often rented from the woman, who had lived there for decades, because they liked the “wonderful, quiet neighborhood.” And rooms weren’t cheap there. According to TMZ, her house was known as the “Writer’s Villa,” and was a giant bed-and-breakfast with five suites and a guesthouse that she rented out for $1,650 to $3,000 a month.

5. You’ll Know of These Names From the “Writer’s Villa”

Johnny Lewis, murder, Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood, TV star, landlady murder, Thomas Jane

The beautiful home is near the famous Hollywood sign and has housed, through the years, HBO “Hung” star Thomas Jane; Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock actor Chris Parnell; actress Parker Posey; comedienne Paula Poundstone and more. Lewis only lived there about two weeks.

6. Lewis Wasn’t on “Sons of Anarchy” Long

Johnny Lewis, murder, Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood, TV star, landlady murder

The actor’s main claim to fame is “Sons of Anarchy,” but he only played Kip “Half Sack” Epps for 26 episodes of the FX Network hit series — and his character was killed off in the season two finale.

7. He Also Acted in The O.C. and Lots of Other Shows

Johnny Lewis, murder, Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood, TV star, landlady murder

Lewis was Dennis “Chili” Childress in nine episodes of the popular show from 2005-2006. He also acted in Smallville, Yes, Dear and Judging Amy. And had recurring roles on American Dreams, Boston Public and Drake & Josh.

8. Lewis Had a New Movie Coming Out

Johnny Lewis, murder, Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood, TV star, landlady murder

The troubled actor’s last work, “186 Dollars to Get Out,” was up for release this month, reports He’s not the main star, (he’s Jorge, the guy shown looking like a Hare Krishna) but it sounds interesting:

“A young California surfer, Wayne Montgomery, gets framed on phony drug charges and thrown into a Peruvian political prison for communist dissidents in 1980. Wayne encounters a series of eccentric and dangerous characters in prison who compel him to grow up in a hurry and find a way to escape. Based on a true story.”

We’re assuming he’s one of the eccentric and dangerous characters.

9. He Left a Daughter Behind
Lewis’ former alternative sentencing specialist told E! News he was fighting a custody battle over a young daughter, who is believed to be just a few years old. He was not married to the mother, whose name hasn’t been reported.

Monty Fisher, a producer 186 Days, said:

“He had a child. He was not married to the mother but he talked about his child. I can’t remember if it was a son or daughter but he was definitely a dad. The child was a baby at the time we shoot the movie, in 2010.

10. He Had Dual Citizenships

Lewis’ full name was Jonathan Kendrick Lewis, and he was born and raised in Los Angeles, but he held dual U.S. and Canadian citizenships.