Apple iOS 6 Maps FAILS: See 10 Examples of the App’s Incompetence

iPhone users are being forced to part ways with Google Maps. On Wednesday, Apple released an iPhone update that got rid of the fairly reliable Google Maps app and replaced it with a hilariously wonky Apple version.

Here are 10 pictures that sum up how terrible the new Apple Maps app is.

1. Google has spent years perfecting its map system. Apple has not. This leads to less explanation on the screen as shown below:

2. Apple Maps thinks that every skyscraper in Houston has a gas station inside it.

3. It also gives more inaccurate information as shown by this guy in Indianapolis who just wants his comics.

4. When the 3d doesn’t work it leads to stuff like this.

5. And this…

6. And also this…

7. The lack of precision can also lead to obvious map gaffes. Look where the red pointer is and and look where the stadium is. Unless the stadium is on the highway, Apple Maps has some ‘splainin to do.

Same goes for the Washington Monument…

8. It also encourages you to take a boat rather than to drive.

9. Also, it turns buildings of Chicago into melting ice cream.


via The Amazing iOS 6 Maps

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