Iran’s Red Line: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Prime Minister Says Red Line Needs to be Drawn

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly a “red line” needs to be drawn before Iran enters its final stage of bomb development. Here’s what you should know.

1. Netanyahu Told the UN General Assembly to Draw a Red Line

Prime Minister Netanyahu

The Prime Minister drew a thick red line on a cartoon of a bomb at the UN National Assembly on Thursday expressing that the line needs to be drawn before Iran enters its final stage of bomb development. Netanyahu has been urging to make this clear to Iran before they hoard enough low-grade and medium-grade uranium to begin working on high-grade uranium and a nuclear detonator.

2. Iran is 70% of the Way Toward Bomb Development

3. Obama Refuses to Draw the Red Line

President Barack Obama

President Obama does not want to get tough with Iran, reports Fox News, and he spent his time at the UN National Assembly “conjuring up images of harmony and telling UN members people everywhere long for freedom, dignity, and justice.”

4. Netanyahu said Red Lines Don’t Lead to War; Red Lines Prevent War

Netanyahu pressed hard to make the case that “red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war.” He argued that faced with red lines Iran would “back down.” He urged listeners to be realistic: “today, a great battle is being waged between the modern and the medieval…The forces of medievalism seek a world…in which not life but death is glorified.”

5. Iran Could Develop a Nuclear Bomb by Next Spring

6. Iran is Pissed Over Netanyahu’s Speech
Iran responded angrily to the Prime Ministers Speech at the UN National Assembly and said that Natanyahu made absurd allegations against its peaceful nuclear program in a written statement.

“While the use,or threat of use, of force under any pretext is a grave violation of the principles of ( the) UN Charter and international law, as well as the norms of international relations, the officials of the Israeli regime are so rude (they) on (a) daily basis threaten countries in the region, particularly my country, (with) military attack,” Iran said.

7. Iran Vows Retaliation if Attacked

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is strong enough to defend itself and reserves its full right to retaliate with full force against any attack,” Iran said in the written statement.

8. The PM Calls Iran the World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Regime

Islam Terrorist Regime

Netanyahu asked the Assembly to “imagine the world with a nuclear-armed Al Qaeda.”

9. For nearly 10 years, Countries have Negotiated Unsuccessfully to Persuade Iran to Halt its Nuclear Program
Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Russia and China all have attempted to persuade Iran to halt its nuclear program but have had no success, even with political and economic incentives.

10. Iran Denies Seeking Nuclear Weapons

Iran Claims Nuclear Program Peaceful

Iran swears its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only such as generating electricity and producing medical isotopes. Mmm … sure, Iran … whatever you say.

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