Cat Survives 10 Hours in Suitcase, Ends up in Disney World

It could have been a, er, cat-astrophe but Bob-bob refused to stay home when his owner went to Disney. The feisty kitty stowed away in his owner’s suitcase, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

Early Monday, Ethel Maze of Circleville, Ohio, did some last-minute packing and that’s when 14-month-old Bob-bob sneaked into her bag.

Maze was heading to the Happiest Place on Earth with a group of 18 disabled veterans and volunteers, including Mike Groleau who said he thought he saw the bag move — but after a long night of packing, he loaded it with the rest of the bags.

Ten hours later, the group was in Florida when Maze unzipped the bag — and out popped a shaken but purring Bob-bob.

No one knew how the cat got past airport X-rays.

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