Vet’s Deadly Mixup: Cat Goes for Flea Bath, Gets Put to Sleep

vet accidentally kills cat
It’s every cat owner’s worst nightmare. No, actually, it’s no cat owner’s nightmare — because no cat owner could ever dream that something this f**ked up would happen at a vet’s office!

Colleen Conlon says she sent in her 8-year-old cat, Lady, for a flea bath at Broadway Animal Hospital in Gardner, Massachusetts.

When her son Jesse went to pick up Lady and drop off their other cat, the vet was like, “You want the bodies?”

They killed Lady! In a bizarre mixup worthy of a minimum-wage waiter working his first summer job, the wizards at the animal hospital served up a death instead of a dip, reports the Telegram & Gazette.

Adding heartbreak to tragedy, Lady once belonged to Conlon’s daughter, who was killed in a 2010 car wreck.

Conlon said Lady was “a beautiful cat and perfectly healthy.”

The Telegram & Gazette reports the vet, Dr. Muhammad Malik, made another flub 10 years ago:

Records show Dr. Malik was placed on probation by the state in 2005 as the result of treatment he provided for an injured dog in 2002. He did not comply with the standards in place, according to the state’s website, and had to attend 25 hours of continuing education in radiology and orthopedics before his license was reinstated.

His lawyer told the doc to keep his mouth shut and told reporters that people should refrain from passing judgment until the facts come out.

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