$65 Million to Any Man Who Will Marry Lesbian Daughter

How does a male suitor woo a married woman who’s not attracted to him? Hong Kong business guru Cecil Chao Sze-tsung presents this challenge to any advantageous entrepreneur who will marry his lesbian daughter, Gigi Chao, for the grand total of $65 million. Cecil owns the property development company Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Ltd and wants to give his potential son-in-law a top position in his company to make his daughter happy (as if she isn’t already).

Cecil’s business deal for his daughter hand in marriage remains opposed by Gigi on several fronts. Gigi claims to be happily married to her seven-year partner,  Sean B. Eav.  Unfortunately for the couple, Hong Kong does not recognize same-sex unions. Cecil likewise does not accept the marriage and is determined to see his daughter happy with a male suitor that can match her business savvy.

Chao told the South China Morning Post, “I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted.” His daughter’s response to the indecent proposal is refreshing, to say the least. In an interview with Hong Kong Magazine, Gigi asserts she sees her father “as a friend more than a father.”

The irony of all of this? Gigi’s mother and Cecil are not married and Cecil himself is rumored to have up to 10,000 girlfriends. Gigi seems to surpass her father in the realm of monogamy and has developed her own autonomy in the business milieu. She owns her own modeling and marketing company and remains the director Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Ltd.

Will Gigi give up her relationship with her seven-year love interest to please her father? The BBC reports that Gigi called her father’s plan “entertaining,” and claims she won’t be thinking about the issue further until a suitor is found.

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