Crazed Fan Bites Chunk Out of Danny Bonaduce’s Cheek

Danny Bonaduce, bitten, woman biter, bath salts, Partridge Family
Danny Bonaduce apparently has to watch out for vampires too — or at least crazed fans who want to take a bite out of him.

The former Partridge Family actor, who works as a radio DJ in Seattle and has had a few forays into reality TV, told the Tacoma News Tribune he was doing a meet-and-greet at a Washington casino Friday night when the woman asked if she could kiss him — and then she sunk her teeth into his cheek for about a minute.

“She said, ‘I loved you on The Partridge Family. Can I kiss you?’ I could feel things popping.”

The bite resulted in a bright red wound to Bonaduce’s cheek. Of course, while he was being bitten he thought of what’s being blamed for other biting attacks, such as when the naked guy in Florida decided to nosh on a man’s face. Bath salts.

Police were at Bonaduce’s hotel room Saturday to measure and photograph the wound. His wife, Amy, said doctors treated him with antibiotics.

The woman was arrested immediately after the incident, but Bonaduce said he’s not going to press charges — but he was plenty mad.

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