Dina Lohan Wants Another Chance With Dr. Phil

Mocksure Dina Lohan out of it on Dr. PhilIncoherent Dina Lohan with Dr. Phil2012-09-18T13:27:06.000Z

Dina Lohan, mother of eternally-troubled starlet Lindsay, is telling her friends she knows she looked like an out-of-control nutcase on a recent Dr. Phil show. But she insists, she’s not out of control, she wasn’t drunk on the show, and she wants Dr. Phil to have her back on.

Dina, who won’t be winning a mother-of-the-year award anytime soon, says the interview that aired this past week does not represent her at all, reports TMZ. She appeared even weirder than usual, along with being paranoid and fidgety. true, Dr. Phil is a scary dude if he thinks you’re acting like an idiot, but why did she think the show invited her?

Instead of being drunk or doped up, Dina instead says she was in an overly emotional state brought on by questions about Lindsay and her drug habit and the ongoing problems with another non-candidate for parent of the year, Lindsay’s father and Dina’s ex-husband Michael Lohan.

She wants to prove to Dr. Phil that she’s not the “worst mother in America,” but we’re not sure that she’ll be able to prove to him she’s not the worst guest too.

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