Doctor Kills Dog With Hammer & Screwdriver, Kills Himself With Bullet

Dr. Isaias Lerner Biber of South Florida tied a beagle to a tree, smashed it with a hammer and then stabbed it in the head and throat with a screwdriver, using a “grinding motion.”

doctor killed dog with hammer screwdriver

But when he took his own life after cops brought felony cruelty charges, he opted for a humane method: gunshot.

A Bay Harbor Islands police captain tells the Daily Mail that the good doctor, age 65, was pissed at the dog for “defecating and urinating in the residence and [it] kept running away.”

Lerner Biber is a Venezuela native who completed a fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center. There was no word on where he learned the cutting-edge screwdriver-grinding surgical technique for canine euthanasia.