Queen’s Dog, Star of Olympics James Bond Spoof, Dead at Royal Palace

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One of Queen Elizabeth’s beloved corgis, which appeared with her along with Daniel Craig in a memorable spoof to open the summer Olympics in London, has died at the royally old age of 13, reports Buckingham Palace.

In the spoof, filmed for the Olympics opening ceremonies, Monty and the queen’s two other corgis, Willow and Holly, greeted Craig’s secret agent James Bond, as he arrived at the palace to accept a secret mission from the queen. You wouldn’t have known Monty was an older dog, as he joined in to run down the stairs, perform cute belly rolls and then stand at attention as the queen’s helicopter took off for the stadium, carrying Craig — or Bond — and a stunt double playing the queen.

(No, that was NOT actually her jumping from the helicopter. Daniel Craig, either.)

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The death of 13-year-old Monty, who was previously owned by the Queen Mother, leaves two corgis in the palace, Willow and Holly. They also appeared in the Olympic film. The breed has been associated with the royals since 1933, when future George VI bought his first one.

The palace said another dog, Cidar, a daschsund-corgi cross-breed, is also dead — but they’re not reporting how the dogs died.

Monty was named for Monty Rogers, the American subject of BBC documentary A Real Horse Whisperer. He advises the queen on horses and corgis and has offered her a new puppy to take Monty’s place.

The queen’s corgis, while stars of the royal stunt video, have been involved in a bit of controversy themselves, showing Prince Harry isn’t the only royal misbehaving. Last month, the pooches — whose cute looks disguise jaws powerful enough to nip at cattle — savaged Princess Beatrice’s Norwich terrier, Max, ripping off its ear in a royal rumble that reportedly left the queen quite upset at the attack on her granddaughter’s favorite dog.

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