Duke Dude Drives Girlfriend’s Car into Giant Sinkhole, Guarantees no Sex for Months

sinkhole Duke

Duke University law student Rajiv Thairani is lucky to be alive. He’ll also be lucky if he sees any sex in the next six months after driving his girlfriend’s car into a giant sinkhole.

He should get amnesty — on an act-of-God clause — but totaling your girlfriend’s car is totaling you’re girlfriend’s car.

The 27-year-old was driving in a lot near Bojangles Famous Chicken’n Biscuits near the Duke campus when the earth opened and swallowed him and the car whole. The apocalyptic scene, a byproduct of Hurricane Isaac’s massive rains, made for an insane photo.

Adding insult to injury, the hole had been there for a least day, but no one marked it off. Apparently there’s a shortage of orange cones in Durham, N.C.

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