French Court Ruling: Topless Kate Photos BANNED

Following a probe into the acquisition and usage of topless photos of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, a French court in the Parisian suburb of Nanterre ruled that all French editions of Closer magazine must surrender all photos they have of the Duchess within 24 hours and cease all production of the photos immediately.

Failure to comply with this directive will mean the magazine must pay a fine of 10,000 Euros each day for every day they withhold the information. Additionally, ALL production of the photos was commanded to cease across all of France following the court’s edict.

Further prosecution of both the magazine’s editor and the photographer(s) who took the photos while the Duchess was in southern France earlier in the month has yet to be determined, though it has been confirmed by The Journal that the editor of the Irish Daily Star, Mick O’Kane, was suspended while an investigation is underway after he re-published the Closer magazine photos locally in Ireland.

All-in-all a pretty impressive response for the royal family, something that would never be expected should one of the many celebrities found in Hollywood today be caught in a similar situation.

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