Ron Swanson Gifs React to Global Bacon Shortage

Bacon Shortage Ron Swanson

A global bacon shortage is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. We must savor our pictures of hot women with bacon while we can, Internet.

According to Britain’s National Pig Association, next year will see a worldwide shortage of bacon. This is due to smaller herds in Britain and across Europe. The smaller herds have been caused by the drought this past year that caused the price of corn and soybeans to skyrocket. The amount of pigs slaughtered could fall by as much as 10% next year doubling the price of European pork. Fortunately, America has not been hit as hard, but the USDA is forecasting the amount of pigs slaughtered next year to fall 1.3%.

This is all terrible news. I feel I can only express how this makes me feel with Ron Swanson gifs. Ron Swanson is practically synonymous with bacon, only he can truly capture the magnitude of this tragedy:

This morning, enjoying my breakfast, completely blissfully unaware of our impending doom

Ron Swanson Bacon Buffet

Ron Swanson Loves Bacon

Learning of this horror show

Ron Swanson Hates The Bacon Shortage

Next year, living in a world with a bacon shortage

Ron Swanson Bacon Shortage Gif

Stay strong, my friends.

Ron Swanson American Flag Gif

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