Gun-Toting Grandpa Shoots at Cat, Hits Granddaughter

A Texas grandfather says he feels guilty after shooting his three-year-old granddaughter instead of hitting the stray cat he was aiming at from his house trailer’s back porch.

The cats are overrunning the neighborhood, Gary Van Ness told a Fox News affiliate in Texas, and they sneak in his trailer and steal his food. He’d had enough, so when he saw a cat by his shed, he grabbed his .22 caliber gun and aimed, missed the cat and hit the girl.

And she’s pissed off, he said:

“She said, ‘I’m gonna spank your butt, Pawpaw.’” I said, ‘okay, I’ll even furnish the belt!’”

No wonder she’s so mad. The bullet went right through her leg. That was earlier this week, and she’ll have stitches and a nasty scar to show for her grandpa’s lousy aim. Nobody’s saying what happened to the cat. Maybe he sneaked in and stole some more food while Grandpa called 911.

Police said the shooting was an accident and the little girl is home again after being treated in not one, but two hospitals. And Grandpa says he’s going to trap the strays, not shoot them.

No word if anyone got spanked.

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