Chinese Guy Who Kills Baby With Van Gets 3.5 Years in Prison

Last year a video went viral that showed a truck driver in China running over a 2-year-old girl who was walking in the street. The video shows the driver hitting the girl, running her over with his front tire, stopping and then slowly driving the rest of his car over her body. The girl was rushed to a hospital on October 13 of last year and then died on October 21.

Now, a year later, Hu Jun, the driver of the truck, has been sentenced to just three and a half years in prison.

You heard that right! A man who slowly murdered a 2-year-old girl in one of the most horrific ways possible will be going to jail for three years and six months. I don’t know how the Chinese court system works, but I gotta be honest, something isn’t working. According to Chinese law you can’t own a red car in Shanghai, have more than one pet dog or walk around nude in your hotel room, but apparently if you murder a toddler in the street you get to be out by the time the next Avengers movie hits theaters.

What Hu Jun did was sickening, but honestly it isn’t even the worst part about this story. You guys remember Kitty Genovese? If someone had a video of Kitty’s murder and public reaction, it would look eerily similar to this case. The video shows that no fewer than 18 people walked by the girl’s mangled body and at one point another truck ran over her legs.

China. Get your sh*t together.

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