Homeowner Greeted by Naked Homeless Woman Using His Shower

Jennifer Burgess Caught Showing in Mans House

Randy Kizer was horrified when he was greeted by a naked homeless woman in his sons bathrobe when he came home.

24-year-old Jennifer Burgess was leaving his house as he was walking up and she immediately said, “I can explain,” said Kizer. The woman even acted as if it was her home, going back inside to change into her clothes. What’s worse is that when Kizer noticed the woman’s heavy pockets, he found out that she was planning on stealing the spare keys to his house and car and $46 from his daughter’s piggy bank.

Kizer suspects it wasn’t the first time the woman had broken into his house judging by how calm and comfortable his dogs were around the intruder, even though she said it was her first time being in the house.

Burgess was arrested on burglary charges.