Idiots and Tigers: Thailand Offers the Perfect Tourist Trap for Morons

Man, lot’o stupid in this video. Let’s take a bunch of tourists with money to spend and throw them in a tiger pit for a once in a lifetime experience (it’s only gonna be ONCE for sure) and watch the fun begin. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? That’s what Tiger Temple Thailand is all about!

The Thailand tourist trap offers visitors the chance to not only view tigers but get in the tiger pit with the big cats and frolic among them in the water. The video shows everyone appearing to have a grand old time as they dangle sticks with plastic bags over the full grown tigers and shout with glee.

Sure, the tigers have probably been living in this environment since birth and are most likely well fed, but it’s a freakin’ tiger, people! Tigers kill people in India and Thailand every year, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that maybe it’s not the smartest idea to jump around with a dozen of them and display yourself as an appetizer.

The company has a website and quite possibly the greatest thing on the website is the F.A.Q.

Answer : YES However we recommend that you keep valuables with you at all time as we are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. If an item is lost (this is a very rare event) we will support you to make a full claim on your insurance and we recommend that visitors have adequate insurance cover.”

Nothing about is it safe to be in a tiger pit!

When the bloodbath happens, and IT WILL HAPPEN, the only one to blame is the idiot who signed up for this big cat disaster.

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