Turkey Divers Rescue Blow-Up Sex Doll from Black Sea

sex doll rescue turkey

An elite team of Turkish rescue divers sprang into action this weekend after frantic reports of a lifeless woman floating in the Black Sea.

Reuters reports that cops roped off a swath of beach in the Samsun province while the divers retrieved the body and rapt onlookers held their breath in suspense.

But when the divers reached the drowning woman — D’oh! — she was an inflatable, life-size sex toy, and the (cheap-)thrilling rescue was a bust of epic proportions.

Worse yet, this is becoming a thing.

Turkey’s fiasco is at least the second sex-doll rescue in three months after 18 Chinese cops saved a “woman” from a river in July. That fake tragedy looked like this:

turkey sex doll rescue china

And in related news:
Russia Puts Kibosh on Inflatable Sex Doll River Race

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