Judges Say ‘No’ — Anti-Islam Video Remains on YouTube

Duped into participating in the project, actress Cindy Lee Garcia was recently denied her request by the Los Angeles County Superior Court to have the controversial video Innocence of Muslims removed from YouTube.


Firstpost reported courts found that Garcia “failed to show that she would likely prevail on the merits of her request, despite the actress’s claim that she was tricked into appearing in the inflammatory film.”

A major stir in the world today, the film (originally a minor cinematic project) by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has caused unrest throughout many Islamic countries and has led to 28 dead so far (including Libyan ambassador Christopher Stevens) and had countless others injured as protests against the film spread and became violent.

Defending free speech and the right to broadcast the information YouTube was defended by its parent company, Google, in preventing an emergency injunction to take place to remove the film from the internet, despite the fact that Garcia states she was unlawfully tricked into participating in the film.

Still, free speech or not, the film is the direct center of the cause of countless riots taking place around the world that is causing many governments to take drastic action to protect themselves. Will someone override free-speech rights and say “enough is enough”?

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