Kate Middleton: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wife to Prince William, otherwise known as Kate Middleton, was just caught with her top off in France during the last days of summer. That’s what she’s know for today, but there’s a lot more to Kate than two exposed breasts. Here’s what else you should know about the future queen of England.

1. Kate is a Fashion Icon

Aside from her royal title, Kate has been given the “best dressed” title consecutively from People Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Style.com, among others. In 2006, she was named the “most promising newcomer of the year” by the Daily Telegraph. This trendsetter is the one to watch for all galas and red carpet events.

2. She Once Dumped William, Blaming it on Paparazzi

Kate actually broke up with Prince William in 2007. After they met at school in 2003, their relationship was tested when she had to file an injunction to prevent further intrusion from the paparazzi, unable to go anywhere without being noticed on a daily basis. As a result of her new stardom, Kate called it off, hid from the public eye, and dated other men. Both reconciled a couple of years later, becoming an exclusive item once more.

3. Kate Knows the Middle East

Kate lived for two years in Amman, Jordan. Her father, a self-made millionaire, moved the family to this small Arabic country for professional purposes. She attended nursery school there when she was 3 and eventually returned to her hometown of West Berkshire. Kate was then enrolled at St. Andrews with her two younger siblings, sister, Pippa, and brother, James. This was where she met Prince William.

4. She’s a Hardcore Athlete

The classic beauty has always been active in sports. She ran cross-country for five years and competed in the hockey team in college. Aside from making public appearances, Kate likes to stay in shape by speed walking, swimming and sailing.

5. Kate Used to Make Her Own Money

After graduation from college, Kate worked hands-on for her family business, Party Pieces, an online company that delivers high-end party favors for children’s parties in the U.K. She eventually became an accessories buyer with Jigsaw Junior, a clothing company in Central London. Before William, she was a commoner, generating an income and paying her own bills.

6. She Dropped out of College

The princess left school and moved to Florence to study art and international business at the British Institute, followed by a short stint at the Raleigh International Program in Chile. She eventually returned to the University of St. Andrews, receiving a degree in art history with honors.

7. Kate’s Family is Working Class

Her familial roots originate with coal miners and builders from Scottish ancestory. Her grandmother pushed her to aim high and work hard and to never stop believing in her dreams.

8. She Was Almost a Baker & Not a Queen
Kate and her brother James were about to create a bakery, specializing in fancy cupcakes and cookies, with some of the proceeds going toward disadvantaged youth. Then William popped the question. Now people bake stuff for her.

9. She Hated Her Nickname

During the time when she was engaged, the media branded her “Waity Katie” because the length of the engagement.

10. She Shacked Up with Will & Two Others

In college, Kate was flatmates with William and two other people. They partied and drank like everybody else. They didn’t stay “just friends” for long.

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