Kate Middleton Sues French Mag; Publisher Hints She Has Royal Sex Pics

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Photos of Kate Middleton’s breasts — which landed on the cover and pages of a French magazine and on websites all over the world — could end up landing the paparazzo in jail with a hefty fine.

Closer Editor Laurence Pieau, though, defends the photos, saying they’re “beautiful” and “not in the least bit shocking.” However, the photos are off the magazine’s website, after brand owner Bauer Media of England demanded they come down and they not publish any more photos — which the editor says go even further than the topless shots.

According to TMZ, Pieau implied the other photos involve some royal sex, saying:

“I won’t hide the fact that there are more intimate pictures that exist that we haven’t published and will not publish. These images are full of joy, not degrading.”

French attorney Pierre Hourcade, not associated with the royals, says the sneaky photographer may have broken French law. The beautiful Dutchess of Cambridge has already sued the tabloid that flashed her boobs — but she can also file a criminal complaint, Hourcase told E! News.

The topless photos, on the cover and pages of French magazine Closer, were taken from a half-mile away while the princess and her Prince William were sunning themselves at a private — or so they thought — chateau in Provence.

And it’s not just a pissed-off dutchess making a mountain out of a couple of molehills.

Hourcade said French law says people have the right to have private lives, and such photos would violate that expectation of privacy. And the titillating photos could land the photographer in jail for up to a year and a huge fine of 45,000 euros, or $60,000 if he was in the United States.

The royal couple was on vacation when the photos were taken, but they weren’t in a public place performing public duties. If the photographer is convicted, Closer magazine will also have to publish the duchess’ lawsuit results on its cover and the photos would be seized.