Lindsay Lohan Arrested AGAIN for Hitting Pedestrian, Leaving the Scene

lindsay lohan hits pedestrian

Professional f**k-up and part-time actress Lindsay Lohan attracts trouble like dust to a Swiffer.

Every time she gets out of her cage she ends up in handcuffs.

This time she allegedly hit a pedestrian with her Porsche Cayenne, just after midnight this morning at the Dream Hotel in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Then she went inside to party, and cops later busted her on her way out, charging her with leaving the scene of an accident.

lindsay lohan cayenne

LiLo drives a Porsche Cayenne.

Lindsay says she’s being set up by the 30-something man who claims she clipped his knee. He was taken to the hospital.

TMZ reported that one of Lindsay’s passengers got out to check on the victim — indicating she clearly knew she hit something — but Lohan says that’s total BS.

Witnesses say when she was arrested she screamed “CALL MY DAD! CALL MY DAD!”

Lohan is on probation, and this violation could send her to jail.

lindsay lohan dream hotel

The Dream Hotel, scene of Lohan’s latest arrest (Google Street View).