Man Stomps Throat of Babysitter He Raped to Silence Her Testimony: Documents

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franklin davis shania gray babysitter texas rape

A Texan who allegedly raped his babysitter in 2010 stomped her to death last week to silence her testimony, according to documents.

Police allege Franklin B. Davis, 30, posed for weeks as a teen boy on Facebook to discover Shania Gray’s planned testimony in his upcoming rape trial. Then, he used a pre-paid cell phone to arrange a meeting and picked her up from her high school after school last Thursday.

As the story goes, the now-16-year-old was surprised to find it was Davis in the car. But for reasons we don’t understand she got in with no struggle.

Then she noticed his gun.

He drove her to to a trail head on the Trinity River. The Dallas Morning News describes her last moments:

When they reached the trail, Davis told police, he walked her down to the riverbank and shot her twice with the pistol. Shania fell partially into the river but didn’t die immediately. “Why, Wish?” she asked, using a nickname for Davis. Davis didn’t answer. Instead he pulled her out of the water and stepped on her throat until she stopped breathing, he told police.

WFAA reports that this monster says his Facebook deception was part of his “investigation” to prove his innocence, because he never raped the girl. And he claimed the killing of the girl was done by someone else, figuratively:

“I was fighting demons. It was like a different person was in me. It wasn’t me.”

F**k you, Davis. You stomp the life out of a helpless girl and then blame it on “demons”?

Good thing prosecutors aren’t buying that crap.

Here are more details from this sickening case:

Franklin Davis Warrant-Affidavit

A Facebook memorial page for Shania shares these photos:

shania gray franklin davis rape murder babysitter

shania gray franklin davis rape murder babysitter 1