U.S. Marine Shot in the Neck in Afghanistan: War Caught on Video

This is what war looks like. How often do we actually get to see what it is that our soldiers experience? In this country, the few go off to war and the rest of us play video games and try not to think about it. How fitting that this should come out on 9/11, the anniversary of the day that set off the war in Afghanistan that these soldiers are still fighting.

This video shows a marine getting shot in the neck and then getting basic medical care to stop the bleeding before he gets up and runs to a helicopter that gets him out of there.

The marine has not been identified, but has reportedly made a full recovery.

It’s a reminder how much we forget that our people are still being shot at, getting injured, and dying on the other side of the globe in a war no one seems interested in even talking about. We’re still at war. 11 years after 9/11, our soldiers are still getting shot. Something to dwell on as we mourn today.