Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Plan: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

marissa mayer yahoo employee meeting plan mobile

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer unveiled her plans to save the company today in a much-anticipated meeting with employees. She kept things broad — there were no specifics of her overhaul of search and email, or the much-discussed home-page redesign — but she laid out a vision.

Here’s what we know.

1. She Answered the Big Question
marissa mayer turnaround plan

Analysts said the big question Mayer must answer is, “What is Yahoo?” Today, she sort of defined it: “Yahoo … excels at personalization across content and ads.”

2. She’ll Gobble Up Talent
marissa mayer turnaround plan acqui-hire

Mayer will perform so-called acqui-hires in which the company purchases small companies to get those companies’ engineering stars.

3. She’ll Go Mobile
marissa mayer turnaround plan mobile

Those engineering stars they gobbled up? They’ll be making awesome mobile apps. She expects Yahoo to be a power in mobile by 2015.

4. She’ll Make Yahoo Ubiquitous
In one form or another, she wants users to encounter Yahoo daily as part of their routines.

5. She’ll Focus on Focus

Yahoo tries to do too many things. Mayer wants to scale up the company’s strengths and move away from things it doesn’t do well.

6. She Avoided the Layoffs Issue
marissa mayer turnaround plan layoffs

A CEO can’t save a sinking ship without slashing people. But Marissa didn’t want to be a downer today.

7. She’ll Join Forces

Mayer will work readily with partners — carriers, social networks, manufacturers.

8. She’ll Speed Things Up
The company will operate faster — more deadlines, greater resources, higher expectations — snap to it, people!

9. She Said Some B.S. About “Cs”

Ugh. This one smells like corporate retreat garbage. “The four Cs”:” Culture, company goals, calibration, compensation. Pffft.

10. She’s Thinking Big
Only projects that could reap $100 million or grow to 100 million users will move forward. “The Rule of 100 Million.”

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