Navy Officer Fakes His Own Death to Break Up with Mistress

Michael P. Ward II

Wow, and I thought the lowest form of breaking up was through text messaging. According to, Michael P. Ward II, a Navy officer who was recently dismissed as commander of a nuclear submarine, faked his own death in order to end an affair with a mistress. Ouch. I’d really hate to be her right now.

Investigators found email messages to Ward’s mistress sent by dummy email account of a fictitious co-worker named Bob that say Ward died unexpectedly.

The woman was in for the surprise of her life when she set out on a three-and-a-half-hour drive to Ward’s former residence in Burke, Virginia, to offer her condolences and found out the Navy officer was not really in fact dead. The new owner told her that Ward had moved to Connecticut to take command of a submarine. Ward met the woman, who remains unnamed, through an online dating service in October. Reports don’t mention whether the woman knew that Ward was married.

Ward received a letter from Pittsburgh’s submarine group in Groton reprimanding the officer for adultery and other military violations. Take that you dirty cheating pig!

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