New Sex Study Proves Why ‘Dirty’ Girls Do Dirty Things

Scientists in the Netherlands have just recently solidified something us guys have known since the dawn of Betamax porn: if you want to get your girl to do all those nasty things you see in those fetish videos you’ve been illegally downloading, you first got to get her engine revved-up.

The study, published last week, wanted to explore why during sex, humans are more likely to endure things like semen, sweat, bodily fluids and odor, than they would in normal “everyday” settings (ex: a female normally wouldn’t let some guy give her the nasty, ol’ bukkake on the street, but in the bedroom?…).

The researchers took 90 healthy women and split them up into three groups. The first group watched “female-friendly” erotica (de Gast by Christine le Duc), the second group—an extreme sports montage, and the third group-a boring simulated train-ride (what a bunch of prudes).

After each group’s 35-minute filmic experience, the women were exposed to 16 tasks based on four different types of disgust: core, contamination, animal-reminder, and moral disgust (which the study portends is inherent in all humans as a way of fending off disease and unwanted bacteria).

The researchers analyzed and recorded the women’s reactions to the disgusting tasks—many of which were perceived and not actually as disgusting as the women were led to believe — and included things like taking a sip of juice with a bug in it and eating a piece of food that was sitting next to a live worm (the bug was fake, the worm, real). Here’s a list of all the 16 tasks:
16 Disgusting Behavioral Tasks

So, take a wild guess as to which group of women found these tasks to be the least disgusting. You got it. The ladies whose panties needed pool filters.

Apparently, those four avenues of inherent disgust that we all have drop in concentration once the thought of bumping uglies comes to mind.

So what’s the take-away from this unnecessary study? If you want your butt licked, you can’t just go all cold-opening on the request, and you sure as hell can’t back it up in your girl’s grill inviting her to your backside-buffet. You probably have to do a little something called foreplay—whatever that is.

Then, not only will she pull up a chair to your backyard picnic with gusto, she might even come back for seconds.

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