Company Plans New Crematorium Right Next to Nazi Death Camp

What do you do when you need a crematorium built due to a recent declining interest in Catholic burials? You build one 750 yards away from one of the most notorious and well-preserved Nazi human ash factories, of course.

In what has to be considered one of the most insensitive and downright ignorant moves in the annals of humanity, a company by the name of Styks is planning to erect a crematorium right next to the Majdanek Prison Camp in Lublin, Poland, where upwards of 80,000 people (50,000 Jewish) were extinguished during Operation Reinhard—the plan to murder all the Jews in Poland.

The Nazi death camp remains the most intact remnant of the evil bastards’ plan to kill people that didn’t look like them because the Soviet Red Army invaded the place before the dirty cowards could burn it all to the ground, so, you know, people didn’t catch on to the fact that they were roasting humans because some mustachioed douche-bag talked them into it.

What remains most troubling about Styks plan to build the crematorium next to the death camp is the fact that the camp is left in such good shape. They would literally be building right next to an already standing crematorium — which still holds victims’ ashes — except that the previous working facility burned humans while they were still alive.

Hell, the Nazi death chimney is left in such good shape it’s a wonder why Styks doesn’t just renovate the killing camp and save themselves a few bucks.

Majdanek Death Camp Memorial

Even more f**ked up is the fact that a monument was built at the entrance of the death camp in memoriam of the lives lost there. If anything, those visiting the memorial can get an authentic Holocaust experience when they look up in the sky, to their right, and see the ashes of human remains billowing out into a sky already filled with the souls of the tortured.

Krzysztof Zuk, mayor of the city of Lublin, wants the company to find another location to burn their dead, probably somewhere a bit farther from one of the most horrific acts of genocide in history. Sounds logical to me.

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