Teen’s Creepy Video Prompts Bomb Scare—Wanted to ‘Die Like a Hero’

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A 16-year-old Ohio boy told cops he wanted to “die like a hero” after his disturbing YouTube video prompted them to sweep his school with a bomb squad.

Spencer Pearson Ohio Teen bomb scare

In a police interview, Spencer Pearson said he didn’t want to shoot students at Gahanna Lincoln High School — but he also said he thought about killing himself, and when cops asked about a possible shooting he “described in vivid detail how he would trap students and lead officials astray,” reports The Columbus Dispatch.

Police busted him this week after his tweets and two YouTube videos led them to his home.

A video featuring the Guy Fawkes mask from the V for Vendetta film ominously states in a creepy computer voice: “I am not here to physically harm anyone here in GLHS. Am not as stupid as you think. I just want to let you know how you live your lives is dangerous and wrong you have grown weak minded and pathetic. Next time we meet, I will have something more interesting to show you all.”

According to the police report, he told cops he made the videos because he was mad at his mom but then said “it was because the students at the Gahanna high school always complained about insignificant issues. Pearson claimed that he wanted the students to have something important to worry and talk about.”

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