Priest Made Kids Lick Whipped Cream Off His Knees

A priest in Poland is facing heat after photos of “inappropriate behavior” with some of his students went viral, reports the Daily Mail. Pictures show several children on their knees bending over to lick whipped cream off Father Marcin Kozyra knees while several over children watch and sometimes help. Kozyra, who is the principal at Salesians High School in Lubin, has defended his actions claiming that this was a common initiation practice for first-year students.

The pictures look pretty dirty and the naughty factor is definitely increased by blurred-out faces. The pictures show Father Kozyra sitting in an old reclining chair holding some sort of stick with whipped cream on his knees and kids eager to get their lick on. Other pictures show children climbing up stairs on their knees which also seems to be part of this hazing process.

These pictures are part of a super-weird “hazing” ritual at the school. The school knew about this yearly event and even posted pictures of it on the school website. The photos have since been taken removed.

Others also knew about this initiation process and didn’t seem to care. Parents as well as students have since written letters defending the priest’s actions and claiming that it wasn’t as bad as it looks. They also claim that the whipped cream was actually shaving cream and no one was forced to eat it. (That’s B.S.: If you look at the picture you can clearly tell that the can on the chair is whipped cream can, unless Polish shaving cream companies have pictures of ice cream sundaes with a cherry on top on the bottle.)

Local prosecutors launched an investigation, but no charges were levied against Father Kozyra. Prosecutors said “no crime was committed, with no sexual intent.” But they also said he “exceeded the limit of good taste.”

Katy Perry’s boobs refused to comment on the story.


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